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Replace your worn or out dated knobs with new hardware. Upgrade to a higher security hardware or stay with a more compatible item. Either way your hardware will be installed professionally and functioning properly.

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Install Door Hardware

If you have a lost or stolen key. You’re not sure who may have a key, or if it has been so long ago you can’t remember the last time your locks were rekeyed. It may be time to rekey your locks.

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Rekey to new Key

Master keying allows two or more different keys, depending on the type of system used, to work the same lock. One key (the change key or individual key) works only one door, the second key (master key) works all doors in the system.

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Master keying

Most automobiles today require a key that communicates with the vehicles onboard computer to verify that it is the proper key needed to start the engine. These keys are more expensive then keys of yesterdays vehicles, especially if you pay dealer prices. Contact me with your vehicles info for prices.

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Transponder or Chipped Keys



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Replace Broken Key

Open Locked Doors

Most broken keys can be duplicated as long as you have both pieces of the broken key. Automobile keys with the RKE head (remote keyless entry) are notorious for breaking or becoming loose. These can be repaired by putting the electronics into a new shell and cutting the blade.

If you find yourself locked out, we can get you in. Home, Business, or Car if its locked we’ll open it or there’s no charge.

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